Bored...Life In General

Friday, March 25

Glad it wasn't me!

Well, first. Last night when I finally got done with my hellish day at work. Ugh, I can't wait till my boss isn't sick. I called my friend Don to see what he was up to. Just wanted to chat...see if he'd go to the bar w/ me and buy me drinks. He didn't answer so I just went about my business as usual. 'bout 15 minutes later I got a phone call from him saying he just got out the the Ok. What happened. Yeah it seems one of the guys he was working with is an imbecile and he had a crane opperator drop 4500 lbs of steel on my friends legs. Now I'm not sure that it was really 4500 lbs. Don does has a habit of exagerating. But yeah, this kid has the world's lowest pain tollerance of any one I know. He cried when he realized he needed to pee, the bathrooms upstairs. So he can't walk. But he's happy cause he get's to be the center of attention. Damn it! So much for my free drinks.

Wednesday, March 23

Donations Accepted!

Ahhhh! My parents went and booked our vacation. Looks like it's going to be an all inclusive in Jamaica now. The only problem (and I know there are no problems when I'm getting an all inclusive vacation for free) is that the vacation is in 21 days. That's 3 weeks people. I have my rent due next week and bills to take care of. How am I supposed to come up with spending money in 3 weeks. Not to mention lose 25 pounds. (btw if any one has any ideas or suggestions I'm open!) I have NO summer clothes, thought I had a couple months to buy new stuff. I don't even own a bathing suit. I tried to go shopping for one last night and I ended up in tears. Grrrr.

So yeah I'm accepting donations!!!

Monday, March 21

I'm such a SLOAR!!!

Hmmm, yeah I'd have to agree.

Let's recap shall we? Thursday, I celebrated the holiday in the best way I knew how. Got my best friend to buy me Green Beer at the local pub. Mmmm. Got really shitty and made out w/ said friend. Ooops. Friends should not let friends kiss drunk. Ooops.

Friday, Hmmm. I'm going to try to get this one as close as possible. Keg party at Asian Mike's house. Lost at beer pong, badly. Not all my fault, I got as many balls in as my partner did. Drank and drank and drank some more. I'm REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE at Beer Pong!!! Oh well fun stuff, till I leaned across the table for something, and spilled beer all over my crotch. *sigh* Thank goodness for hair driers is all I can say. Watched the boys play poker for a while, flirted with every one of them. Oops. I was helping out my friends. (I'm a really good friend to have) Left and went to a dive bar. (can I just say how important it is to pre-game, for free, before going to a dive bar) Yeah I was the girl dancing on the floor when no one else was. Can I get a woo woo! Ended up having some people over to my house for the after party. It's so much easier that way. Made out with a different friend. Shitty, friends don't let friends kiss drunk. Eek. I really need to stop drinking.

Saturday was uneventful due to the pounding hangover I had.

Sunday, talked my 2 friends (hmmm, surprisingly the 2 I made out with while on my binge...didn't think about that till now) into going to the porn store with me. It was a little weird cause they kept following me around like my shadow. I appreciate the protection, but come on somethings should be a little sacred. Oh well, I'll have to save my shopping for online. Any one got any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 16


That's me squeeking by the way. I just found out my parents are going to be taking the whole family on a vacation. Yeah I'm 24 years old but that's ok I don't mind spending time w/ them. We're going to St. Thomas. Oh I can't wait. The only thing not good about the whole thing is the reson behind the trip. I think my parents just want to get in one last hurah before my brother gets shipped out. Shitty. He just got off active in the Army and, stupid boy, joined the National Guard (reserves). Grrrr. So they've told him he's not going to be staying reserves, he's going active again. Not only that, but he's getting shipped out. Really shitty. He's going to be spending time in Iraq. Mmmm. Go USA right? Oh well, I'm going on vacation soon!!! Trying to be happy.

Tuesday, March 15

Fun times

Yeah, so, I'm sleepy today. It's one of those lifetimes i think. Work is great, it pays the bills. Keeps me completely occupied...well.

So the ex came over last night. I don't know why I even bother to try and be nice/civil. I don't have the capacity for compasion. I'm just a bitch. Well at least I come by it honestly. He called right after I got off work. The guy said he'd be over as soon as he could. Yeah he showed up an hour later. Yeah I'm a sucker I know. Any way all his stuff is gone and I'm happy. Yay.

Spent some time at the parents. My stepmom is being really nice to me. She ought to after the nasty things she said to me. She did my laundry for me and everything. Ahhhh. The sweet bliss of manipulation. I honestly didn't set out to be the world's biggest bitch. It just kind of happened that way, call it survival if you will. That's what I do.

So other than getting my way and making everyone else think they're doing me a favor for doing it. Not a whole lot going on. Yeah I know that's not a big surprise either. *sigh*